Temporary Services // Why The Exhibit Was Cancelled

Out of print

This booklet presents actual 'behind the scenes' correspondence between an artist and a curator (both made anonymous) as they attempt to negotiate the details of the artist's upcoming exhibition. The institution raises late concerns about the artist's work a month before the show is to open. The artist is asked to change his work and make unusual concessions so that the institution can cover its ass and this leads to the artist canceling the show. This booklet salvages a difficult experience and makes public the kind of internal dialog between artists and institutions that is extremely hard to access. A booklet that has been much loved, debated and discussed by teachers, students and arts administrators. So heavily read and downloaded that it has surely been seen by more people than would have attended the exhibit had it not been canceled!

Publisher: Half Letter Press
16 pages
14cm × 22cm
Format: Paperback
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