Title Artist/author Category Pricesort descending
The Desire for Haiku Emma Bolland New Theory £3.00
Donald Andrea García Flores New Photography 5,00 €
L'ECHEC DE... Derek Beaulieu New Theory £5.00
LA BIBLIOTECA DE... Penny McCarthy New Theory £5.00
LIVRE, LIVRET, LIVER Rona Lorimer New Theory £5.00
Andy BB Andrea Garcia Flores Upcoming Photography 5,00 €
Beyond Walter... Michael Hampton New Contemporary Art £5.00
Dyslexie New Contemporary Art 5,00 €
Vladimir Andrea Garcia Flores Upcoming Photography 5,00 €
Lisa Fittko New Contemporary Art 5,00 €
The Work of Art in... Michalis Pichler Upcoming Contemporary Art 5,00 €
Juan Carlos Natalia Talavera Breceda New Contemporary Art £5.00
Museo New Contemporary Art 5,00 €
’68NOW New Theory 6,00 €
Love Is The... Rebecca La Marre New Theory £7.50
MISS READ Catalogue... New Contemporary Art 8,00 €
Loss Timothy Perkins Upcoming Contemporary Art £8.50
Entertaining Ideas Kate Briggs New Contemporary Art 9,00 €
Our Libraries Fabienne Bideaud, Sharon Kivland New Theory £9.00
The Disoeuvre Felicity Allen New Contemporary Art 9,00 €