Sharon Kivland // Freud on Holiday - Volume II

A Disturbance of Memory

There are three books in artist Sharon Kivland’s new series, Freud on Holiday. They all concern her particular relation to the work of Sigmund Freud.
Through photographs and essays, Kivland’s books re-imagine journeys made (and sometimes dreamt) by Freud to European sites of archaeological importance. An accompanying series of books explores Freud and architecture (L’esprit d’escalier, 2007), Freud and the Gift of Flowers (2009), Freud and real estate (An Agent of the Estate, 2008), and the reason Freud changed hotels in Paris in 1885 (2008). Kivland’s artistic experiments with psychoanalytic readings have been published in the UK, France and Greece.
Like Sigmund Freud and his brother, Sharon Kivland and her sister go on holiday together each year. In Trieste in 1904 SF and his brother determine to go to Corfu but are told by their host it will be too hot and they should go to Athens instead. Any change of plan seems impractical, but they succeed in booking tickets for Athens. When Freud arrives in Athens and stands on the Acropolis he is surprised to find himself thinking: ‘So all this really does exist, just as we learnt at school!’ His surprise is twofold; first, that something unbelievable exists, and secondly, that its existence should have been in doubt.
In A Disturbance of Memory, SK and her sister, accompanied also by SK’s son, follow the Freud brothers to Trieste and Athens, but are frequently diverted by other traces, including those of James Joyce, Jacques Derrida, Italo Svevo, and Ulysses.

Series: Freud on Holiday
184 pages
15cm × 23cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9789608735491
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