Ward Roberts // Flotsam

Ward Roberts’ large format photographic series Flotsam portrays abstracted sunbathers upon New York’s canicular Far Rockaway Beach. Roberts’ twin signatures of controlled composition and faded colour palette frames the relentless heat and isolated subjects of a seemingly anonymous beach. Whitest sands and deepest blue skies fade from harshest light, whilst aeroplanes soar high above these washed ashore sun-worshippers. Against a waterless panorama, Roberts’ altogether surreal juxtapositions of beached castaways set against anonymous American suburban horizons, appear almost timeless.

Contributors: Pascale Georgiev, Capucine Labarthe, Ward Roberts, Kingston Trinder, Kai von Rabenau
Publisher: Atelier Editions
80 pages
37 colour illustrations
23cm × 26cm
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780997593525
40,00 €
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