ztscrpt's prolific magazine featuring photography, theory, interviews, and art showcases undergoes an appellative change with every edition, each taking its title from the font in which it is printed. The font for issue 31 is designed by Tauba Auerbach. The issue is completed with a centerfold poster by Peles Empire. 

Contributors: Tauba Auerbach, Andrew Bernardini, Christian Egger, Peles Empire, Christian Kosmas Mayer, Mazaccio & Drowilal, Sarah Mendelsohn, Yves Mettler, Ian Svenonius, Magda Tothoya, Ruth Weismann, Annette Weisser, Aaron Weldon, Andrea Winkler, Alexander Wolff
Publisher: ztscrpt
58 pages
20cm × 29cm
Format: Paperback
5,00 €
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