Wayne Head // Details Volume 3

Radical Essex

This third volume of DETAILS examines the English county of Essex's radical architectural sites. Through eight informative booklets, ‘Radical Essex’ explores the county by means of its architectural details of the sites that show a progressive step into new Twentieth Century architecture, a testing ground for radical thought and alternative lifestyles. By illustrating exterior and interior details, this series reveals the hidden factors that contribute to the aesthetic and social composition of these projects. Each pamphlet folds out into a larger image, with the introductory booklet featuring an essay by Essex born architect Charles Holland.
8 foldout booklets/posters from the Details series of The Everyday Press. This collection presents: Radical Essex.
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Contributors: Martin Aberson, David Cloux
Publisher: The Everyday Press
56 pages
13cm × 17cm
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780993372841
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