Hamish Fulton, Michael Hopfner // Canto di Strada

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Canto di strada is the catalogue of the joint exhibition Canto di strada (Street Song) by Hamish Fulton and Michael Höpfner held at the MAN Museum in Nuoro (6 January–5 April 2015). The publication consists of two cloth-bound books in a cardboard slipcase, dedicated to each of the artists. The books contain photos, wall drawings, installation views and the original essays The Song Line (The plain truth) by Lorenzo Giusti, The Value of Experience by Muriel Enjalran and Off the Beaten Track by Heike Eipelduer.
The exhibition at the Nuoro MAN placed the two artists’ work side by side identifying a common ground for comparison in a 14-day walking journey through the Supramonte and Gennargentu mountains. The artists undertook separate journeys, experiencing a total immersion in the harsh environment without even meeting each other.

Contributors: Lorenzo Giusti, Muriel Enjalran, Heike Eipelduer
Publisher: Nero
66 pages
17cm × 23cm
Format: Slipcase
Language: EnglishItalian
ISBN: 9788897503576
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