Anagram Take Over with Sergej Vutuc & Matt Plezier

Thursday, December 15, 2016 — 8:00pm

During the week of December 15 - 23 Sergej Vutuc and Matt Plezier will take over the project space at Anagram Books, presenting their own work with a site specific installation and publications!! Expect a busy week of lectures, music, performance and installations and new publications from MonoRhetorik!!!
Thursday 15th December:
Start: 20:00
Sergej Vutuc & Matt Plezier from RandomZine talk about their publishing, alongside a site specific installation of their work and their published books.
Friday 16th December
Start: 18:00

Monotonos - musician - visual artist - photographer
Next to performing under the name of Monotonos, producing dark ambient noise, Roger NBH is a multi talented artist. He has been in numerous bands in the 90’s, like Feeding The Fire and published various zines. He could be found at almost every show throughout the 90’s documenting the scene and his photographs ended up on many record covers and in magazines.
For Anagram Takeover he will perform as Monotonos.
16th Dec 18:00h Talk/Music
Dario Adamic ( Zips And Chains Fanzine, GoodWill Records, This Side Up, Homeless Veggie Dinner, Underground Europe,…)
Saturday 17th December
Start 19:00
Talk with Dario Adamic
( Zips And Chains Fanzine, GoodWill Records, This Side Up, Homeless Veggie Dinner, Underground Europe,…)
Dario Adamic has been active since the 80’s with an incredible diverse CV. From publishing a zine like Zips and Chains to running a recordlabel Goodwill Records, he played in the band This Side Up.... In Berlin he is part of the Homeless Veggie Dinner group, a non-profit organization, feeding those in need.
Späti - Brett Nichols
After working five years on his film Pathways - an exploration of modern architecture and skateboarding - Brett is holding a world premier of his new film Späti at Anagram. Späti is 10 days of meandering through Berlin and Hannover with Harrison Hafner, Bobby Groves, Tjark Thielker, Dennis Laaß, Daniel Pannemann, and many more.
pathways trailer:
Čista zona (eng. clean zone) -Sergej Vutuc Super8 Video with sound performance by Helmut Vutuc Lampshade
Čista zona (eng. clean zone) is a story about edge of Europe, field of global economical conflicts. the nations and their boarders, science and meaning of to be or to have...
incl. skaters Valeri Rosomako, Igor Fardin, Tjark Thielker, Tomaž Šantl, David Grigoryan,…
Sunday 18th December
Start: 18:00
Caroline Paquita (Pegacorn Press, Bitchin', Forgetters,...) & Al Burian (Burn Collector, Milemarker)




Thursday, December 15, 2016 — 8:00pm

Thursday 15th December - Sunday 18th December
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Monotonos ©Jolanda Kempers